Origine del nome Sicilia e Trinacria

The name "Sicily", derives from the Indo-European root “sik”, that means increasing and growth, where in Greek indicate fruits in fast-growing, as sikè (fig) and “sikùs” (pumpkin), means "land of  fecundity, Island of fertility ", as Sicily has been always, so much that when Greeks in the eighth century BC arrived, they were fascinated by its abundance.

Sailing around it, Greeks discovered that, it’s Isle with Triangle’s form with three spit of land: Capo Passero to south, Capo Peloro to east and Capo Lilibeo to the west. ; exactly from its triangular-form derives the ancient name: Trinacria, from Trinacrios ΤΡΕΙΣ (three) and ΑΚΡΑ (promontories – “headlands”). In the Odyssey Omero called Sicily Thrinakie, as well as the Antioco da Siracusa, Timeo da Taormina and Tucidide. Subsequently  the Romans translated Trinacria into Latin Trìquetra (three peaks).