La Pigna

The Fruit of the pine, in different civilizations has the symbolic meaning of a vital force, immortality, divinity, connected to the tree that generate it, at the same time with fertility and regenerate power that the seeds contain in it.

The symbol of the mountain, the abode of gods, where in ancient times, in the Mediterranean area we found it represent divinity. As well as in the iconographic tradition of the Far East, especially India, stands at the apex of the Tree of Life, in the Greek tradition we find it on the top of Tyrso, the stick of Dyoniso, the God, connected to the mysteries of death and rebirth, regeneration and resurrection. Frequently  symbolize in Roman burial art during the Christian age where the pine cone is often carved on capitals and  archivolt during the Roman era, until it  becomes a symbol of  speculative and philosophical improve.

Still remain in Sicily trace of meaning of the pine cone, where often dominates not only on the pillars of the entrance gate, but is used as an ornament with different sizes and materials, also as an ornamental for iron beds in the top of the four corners, as used to be in the nineteenth-century.